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Chaos Shadow Master

The Path of - Historia de Grendor.

História de grendor  

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    • Podia ser melhor..
    • Eu gosto de mortadela.

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Espero que o inglês de vocês esteja em dia. (Porque o meu não esta.)




Note from the NPC Brahmur -


Grendor today is nothing more than a glacier land, However, once it was a very green deserted land with a very peculiar climate, full of life of all kinds. The first humans to inhabit grendor were the barbarians, who still live there untill now, but so many others perished to the seas trying to accomplish the goal of getting into such beautiful land.


Slowly the land has beginning to become famous, which would become a problem for everyone who lives there, such fame made many kinds creatures migrate there, but one creature in particular, a powerful demon named Zoralurk started to took over of the mountains of grendor and enslaved the creatures who used to live there, creating an army of creatures to protect his new kingdom, he didnt care about the barbarians living there since he considered them nothing more than weaklings.


After some time, another powerful being laid their eyes on these lands, his name: Arkhothep, but he on the other hand was not planning to tolerate any living creature where he would set his new kingdom, so he gathered his army of undead soldiers to fight and lay everything to waste. 


To his surprise, there was already a creature ruling the land, but he refused to back off, a mistake he wont ever forget. Zoralurk and his army crushed them with ease, since arkhothep was not prepared to such a powerful enemy. Arkhothep managed to flee and said: I will have my revenge, no matter the cost, i swear, zoralurk.


After these events zoralurk froze the entire land with the help of his army, killing almost every animal and humans, yet some managed to adapt and live there untill now.


Some people still says and believe that arkhotep is planning to attack zoralurk again, now more prepared, but what i know for sure, since then, we are UnderWar.

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Boa !

ficou muito boa a historia, daria uma motivação extra para jogar e relembrar do bom e velho rpg

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