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Sup guys, I'm Damian, I'm 24 I'm from Poland I currently live and work in the UK I have lovely girlfriend and I'm expecting to be a father our baby is due in April 
I wanted to show off my gameplay and how I spend time on underwear.
Please you are more than welcome to give me advices comment on my achievements and loses, but I have one simple rule Make peace and Love me hate toxic community so lets start

If im not in game and you want to contact with me try forum or my teamspeak
I'm a Druid mlvl 84 lvl 52

Im hunting manually i dont use bot to gain lvls

Now something about my set up

SScreen Smart Tv samsung 60"

Keyboard K70 rgb Lux corsair

Mouse Rgb Scimitar

Laptop Toshiba skull candy satelite A8


LvL 50 x

LvL 100......

Lvl 150.......

Lvl 200.......

Mlvl 50 x

Mlvl 80 x

Mlvl 90......

Mlvl 100......






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So i did get to lvl 100 i attempted to do yalahar quest , whole team died :( now im trying to figure out how to get access to lizard city and my blocker 120 ek is drinking cause he has birthdays hahahahah No blocker no exp :(

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